Getting Older

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at The Wheeler Centre

Erotic Fan Fiction: Older Edition

What kinds of fantasies – sexy, funny and bizarre – do older people have? Watch what happens when we hand over the reins of Erotic Fan Fiction to ageing and older characters.

Imagine a spaghetti-licious Sophia Loren sinking into a hot bath at the end of the day with Helen Mirren … without the notorious bikini. Ice-cool Julie Christie and hot Hollywood lothario Warren Beatty reuniting for one last roll in the hay (though not literally – their backs might not be up to it). Or Jack Nicholson still canoodling with twenty-year-olds, despite his dodgy ticker. Wait, scratch that last one – that was an actual film.

There are no rules as writers push the limits and let their freak flags fly, putting favourite (or notorious) characters into sticky situations that build to a surprising climax.


Portrait of Virginia Gay

Virginia Gay

Virginia Gay is a performer for stage and television.

Portrait of Eddie Sharp

Eddie Sharp

Eddie Sharp is a writer, comedian and the founder of Erotic Fan Fiction. He has a weekly comedy show on FBi Radio. He is performing his new hour of comedy 'Big Time Magic' at The Melbourne Comedy Festival from March 24th to April 17th. 

Portrait of Annaliese Constable

Annaliese Constable

Annaliese Constable is a writer, performer and queer rights activist working across standup, queer performance and theatre. 

Portrait of Catherine Deveny

Catherine Deveny

Catherine Deveny has been a comedian, writer and professional speaker for 23 years.

She’s the author of seven books and over 1,000 columns for the Age newspaper, and is an ABC regular. She has appeared on Q&A five times — sitting next to John Elliott, Tony Abbott, Corey Bernardi, Peter Dutton and Archbishop Peter Jensen.

Portrait of Henry Stone

Henry Stone

With a mischievous wit and an original voice, Henry Stone is a writer and comedian, best known for his stand-up and membership of comedy collectives Skills in Time and Fancy Boy.

Getting Older

We’re all getting older, every day: ageing starts from the moment we’re born. Our bodies change, our minds develop and our outlook on life evolves.

How do our personal priorities change, as grey hairs accumulate, nests empty and pension plans replace career goals? What kinds of infrastructure are essential for an ageing society? And how might ageing in the 21st century differ from the past?

In one wise week at the Wheeler Centre, we’ll look at ageing from a variety of perspectives – from the personal to the political, with guests including Susan Ryan, Karen Hitchcock and Noel Tovey.


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