at The Wheeler Centre

Erotic Fan Fiction

What did Wind in the Willows’ Ratty really mean when he talked of ‘messing about in boats’? And what did Wodehouse’s Jeeves serve along with Bertie’s cup of tea each morning to really make his master say, ‘What-ho!’? Yes, Erotic Fan Fiction is back again – so let your mind run wild. 

It’s the same deal as always. Everyone gathers at the Wheeler Centre looking normal and decent. Then, four of Melbourne’s funniest and filthiest writers – James Colley, Gareth Davies, Ben Pobjie and Jess McGuire – share their rudest and lewdest fan fiction … and it quickly becomes clear that nobody is normal and everybody is very excited by muppets.

Slip your imagination into something a little more comfortable at the silliest – and, let’s face it, smuttiest – event on the Wheeler Centre calendar. Hosted by Ali McGregor.


Portrait of Ali McGregor

Ali McGregor

Ali McGregor is an opera and cabaret singer currently hosting the cult favourite Ali McGregor’s Late-Nite Variety-Nite Night at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Portrait of James Colley

James Colley

James Colley is a television comedy writer for Gruen, Bravest Warriors, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering and Tomorrow Tonight among others.  His writing has been featured in the Guardian, Crikey, the Big Issue, and Junkee among others. He is author of Too Right, among others. He is never photographed among others.

Portrait of Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies is an actor and playwright based in Sydney. He has written and performed for the Black Lung Theatre (of which he’s a member), Belvoir St Theatre, the Malthouse and many more.

Portrait of Jess McGuire

Jess McGuire

Jess McGuire is a writer, DJ, broadcaster, and MC based in Melbourne. She appears regularly on ABC Local Radio and Double J as a reviewer and cultural commentator, and for many years she was the editor of pop culture website Defamer Australia. She is a former presenter of Triple R’s flagship Breakfasters show.

Portrait of Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie is a writer, comedian and poet with no journalistic qualifications whatsoever. He has a weekly column at Australian news commentary site, and his writing has appeared in Crikey, The Age and The Punch, among others.


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