The Deakin Lectures 2010

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at Deakin Edge, Fed Square

Emissions Trading: Dead or Alive?

Wherever the conversation about climate change goes in the year ahead, it’s guaranteed that at the centre of the Australian discussion sits two acronyms: ETS and CPRS. But what do either of them really mean? The financial challenges of affecting the necessary change may be sizeable, but is the government’s search for the best ‘scheme’ just a distraction from the main event? Caps and trades, carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes may be being presented as solutions, but have any of them worked, and what can we learn from experience so far?

Keynotes by Richard Folland and Denny Ellerman

2:00 – 2:45pm- Keynote Presentations
2:45 – 3:00pm- Interval
3:00 – 4:00pm- Panel Discussion

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Portrait of Elaine Prior

Elaine Prior

Panel Member: Elaine Prior is a Director and Senior Analyst at Citi Investment Research & Analysis in Sydney, responsible for industry thematics and ESG/sustainability research.

Portrait of Richard Folland

Richard Folland

Keynote Speaker: Richard Folland is Managing Director of Climate Strategies, a UK-based international research organisation.

Portrait of Martin Parkinson

Martin Parkinson

Panel Member: Martin Parkinson is Secretary of The Department of Climate Change, as part of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio.

Portrait of Denny Ellerman

Denny Ellerman

Keynote Speaker: A leading energy economist, Denny Ellerman is recognised internationally as an authority on emissions trading and coal economics.

The Deakin Lectures 2010

Thirty of the best minds on the climate change issue, in the one place, at the one time. The Deakins 2010.

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