at Bendigo Planetarium, Discovery Science & Technology Centre

Elemental: Bendigo

Since the dawn of time, poets have gazed up at the stars and pondered who we are and what it all

means. Elemental is a unique performance that explores the universe through the eyes of artists. Taking place inside a planetarium, this show combines live music, poetry, surround sound and video, and the voice of UK scientist John Gribbin to explore the universe and ascribe meaning to our celestial experience.

Elemental is an immersive experience for the mind and body. Lie back in the comfort of a lounger as you lift off into space for your very own guided tour of the galaxy. This visual voyage through the heavens explores four different theories about how the universe began, taking you on a poetic journey through the Big Bang, the theory of everything, M theory and dark matter, accompanied by a soundtrack of live musicians and poetry readings.

Alicia Sometimes, the director of and one of the writers behind Elemental is joined by a range of experimental musicians, poets and video artists in this spellbinding and unique exploration of

quantum physics and cosmology, with a poetic twist.

Elemental has been written by Alicia Sometimes, Emilie Zoey Baker, Sean M Whelan and Ryan Van Winkle with a live presentation by Craig Kendal. Live performances by Klare Lanson and Neil Boyack.

Please note: there are a total of four events at Melbourne Planetarium, plus two events at Bendigo Planetarium.

The full list of sessions:


Thursday 10 July - 7.00pm

Thursday 10 July - 9.00pm

Friday 11 July - 7.00pm

Friday 11 July - 9.00pm


Friday 18 July - 6.00pm

Friday 18 July - 8.00pm