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Edward St Aubyn

Edward St Aubyn’s novels are like black diamonds: dark, glittering jewels.

His dark-witted books about the misdeeds of the privileged upper classes have been compared to Evelyn Waugh and Oscar Wilde. St Aubyn was born into immense wealth and privilege; his work draws on his upbringing and ‘monstrous’ parents.

His semi-autobiographical Patrick Melrose novels have been called ‘some of the most perceptive, elegantly written and hilarious novels of our era’. The fourth, Mother’s Milk, was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

Edward St Aubyn brilliantly blends savage social comedy with deeply affecting characters to create an unforgettable portrait of a man doomed by the apparent good fortune of his birth. He’ll be joined in conversation by Louise Swinn.


Portrait of Edward St Aubyn

Edward St Aubyn

Celebrated English novelist Edward St Aubyn has been compared to both Evelyn Waugh and Oscar Wilde. St Aubyn is the author of seven novels.

Portrait of Louise Swinn

Louise Swinn

Louise Swinn is a writer, publisher, critic, literary event chair and the editor of Choice Words: A Collection of Writing About Abortion (Allen and Unwin, 2019). Her work appears regularly in the Age, the Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald. She was one of the founders of Sleepers Publishing, the Small Press Network and the Stella Prize.


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