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at The Wheeler Centre

Destroying the Joint

It’s been an extraordinary fortnight for any Australian passionate about questions of gender and equality.

The Alan Jones affair. The Brunswick peace march for Jill Meagher. Margie Abbott and the Downton Abbey Defence. Peter Slipper’s texts and Julia Gillard’s speech.

Debates over sexism and misogyny are flaring all over the country – and suddenly, everyone’s a feminist.

So the Wheeler Centre and Overland are holding an old-fashioned community forum, to try to unpick the significance of this singular cultural moment.

Because if there’s a new feminism emerging, what does it stand for and who does it represent? Where should campaigners for gender justice focus next? And how might the sexism-related fury and energy of recent days – both righteous and politically expedient – be harnessed meaningfully?

Overland’s Jacinda Woodhead chairs this special pop-up forum, featuring writers and activists Stephanie Convery and Karen Pickering (organiser of SlutWalk), and Crikey editor Jason Whittaker, looking at the feminist struggles of the past, present and future.

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Portrait of Karen Pickering

Karen Pickering

Karen Pickering is a feminist writer, organiser, and speaker who co-authored About Bloody Time: The Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have and edited Doing it: Women Tell the Truth About Great Sex. She has co-founded several seminal feminist events, including Girls on Film Festival and SlutWalk Melbourne, and appeares regularly across print, radio, television, and festivals.

Portrait of Jacinda Woodhead

Jacinda Woodhead

Jacinda Woodhead is Overland’s deputy editor.

Portrait of Stephanie Convery

Stephanie Convery

Stephanie Convery is a Melbourne-based writer and the deputy editor of Overland magazine. Her work has appeared in the GuardianMeanjinThe Lifted Brow, ABC’s The Drum, the Big Issue, and other local and international publications.

Portrait of Jason Whittaker

Jason Whittaker

Jason Whittaker is a journalist and has been the editor of Crikey, the pioneering independent news and current affairs website, since May.


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