Critical Failure

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at The Wheeler Centre

Critical Failure Unconference

Who reviews the reviewers? While staff critics are an endangered species, there’s a flourishing critical culture online. With thriving comments and discussion around their reviews and interviews, blogs are variously the great hope for criticism or the reason for its demise. And while online pundits are becoming influential their pay packets online remain more virtual rather than actual.

Following our week of Critical Failure, this unconference of bloggers and online writers looks at the discussion of books, film, theatre and visual arts that is creating a new world of cultural commentators. In this invitation-only event, we’re bringing together independent bloggers to swap stories from the new frontier of critical culture.

This event is facilitated by Trampoline.

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Critical Failure

Why Australian arts criticism is failing us all.

In the first week of September we’re programming a series of events looking at the state of arts criticism in Australia, under the thoroughly prejudicial name of Critical Failure. Too often we hear the cries of scepticism about the quality of local creative output, but what is the truth about the environment into which that output is released? If a film is Australian is it more likely to be over-praised or over-criticised? Are local productions held to the same standards as international? What role does the Cultural Cringe play? Tall Poppy Syndrome? Does the web offer a possibility for a new, more democratic critical environment for the arts in Australia? And what does all this mean for the creation of art locally: what chance does local art have to flourish in an environment where it is too rarely judged on its own terms?

With four panels across four art forms – Theatre, Film, Books and Visual Arts – we review the state of critical culture in Australia and cast a critical eye over Australian reviewing. Featuring some of the finest thinkers and practitioners in the local art scene, this will be a thought-provoking week of discussions that take critical engagement to the next level.

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This event is produced in partnership with ABC Radio National.


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