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Chandleresque - Raymond Chandler on the Screen

Just over 50 years after his death, legendary American crime scribe Raymond Chandler remains a profound influence on crime fiction and crime movies. Not only were all of his novels adapted for the screen, but Chandler himself became a screenwriter of note, working with Billy Wilder on 1944’s Double Indemnity and with Alfred Hitchcock on Strangers on a Train.

Adrian Wootton’s lecture gives insights into the development of Chandler’s writing and his fascination with the crime genre.

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Portrait of Adrian Wootton

Adrian Wootton

Adrian Wootton is chief executive of Film London, director of crime and mystery festival Crime Scene, and a program advisor to the London Film Festival and Venice Film Festival.

Adrian Wootton on Film

The Wheeler Centre is off to the movies! In partnership with the Melbourne International Film Festival’s MIFF 37° South Market & Accelerator program, we are proud to present five extraordinary lectures from Film London’s chief executive Adrian Wootton.

In this exclusive series of illustrated talks, Wootton presents his celebrated tour through the cinematic world of five icons of screen, music and the page. The Australian lectures are exclusive to Melbourne.

Movie tie-ins with the lectures are available at the MIFF website.

Presented in partnership with the Melbourne International Film Festival.