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at The Wheeler Centre

Beyond Your Command: Youth Activism Today

On the streets, on the airwaves and online – a new generation of young Australian activists are speaking up and demanding action on climate change, Indigenous self-determination, queer rights and more.

In this conversation, we'll hear from leading young Australian voices across intersecting political movements. They’ll discuss the tide of youth activism sweeping many parts of the globe, and the increasing appetite for challenging the status quo here at home. What would this country look like if young people were seen, heard and taken seriously? What does advocacy look like for young people whose voices haven’t traditionally been sought? And how might we change our political institutions to ensure the future is not hostage to the whims and debts of the presently powerful?

Join us for a conversation about action, strategy and staking claims on the future.

Presented in partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare.


Portrait of Aretha Brown

Aretha Brown

In 2017, Aretha Brown delivered an impassioned speech at the Invasion Day Rally in Melbourne, fighting to make Indigenous history education mainstream. Her delivery and ideas led her to be elected as Prime Minister of the National Indigenous Youth Parliament, the youngest ever person — and the first woman — to hold this position. An accomplished artist, Brown is currently studying painting at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Portrait of Paige Burton

Paige Burton

Paige is an NGO messaging and campaigning consultant. She was the 2017 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations, conducting the largest ever consultation of Australian young people. She previously served as the National Education Director and Chair of the Board for United Nations Youth Australia. 


Portrait of Reginald Chang

Reginald Chang

Reginald Chang is an aspiring photographer and community leader. Reginald has previously worked for many community organisations which help to spark change in the lives of young people. As a queer person of colour who has faced many challenging adversities, Reginald hopes that by using the power of voice, he will be able to inspire and promote change, challenge inequality and fight for a fairer society for everyone, especially young people who have been in out-of-home care or have faced hardships growing up. 

Portrait of Maiysha Moin

Maiysha Moin

Maiysha is a Year 12 student based in Melbourne. Her environmental activism journey came to the limelight with her interview on the Today Show and various media outlets in promotion of the School Strikes across Australia. Since then, her passion for climate change and sustainability has manifested in the new initiative, Climate Leaders, and her tenure as Environment Captain at her school. Maiysha’s interests are not limited to environmental activism, but also extends to women’s rights and social equality.


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