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You Don't Know Me

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at The Wheeler Centre

Between a Rock and a Hard Scrub: Tim Rogers on Cleaning

Is cleanliness close to rock godliness? It is in the case of Tim Rogers. It turns out this icon of Australian indie music is a demon with the Scotch-Brite.

In our series of talks on surprising private passions, the You Am I frontman will discuss his enthusiasm for scrubbing, mopping and dusting; a passion he has nurtured quietly and doggedly under trying circumstances. Tim has spent around 20 years working and touring with what he describes as a ‘grubby rock band’. It’s not easy to be a clean-freak in the world of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

Join us at this midday session to discover how a wild man of rock keeps things squeaky clean.


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Portrait of Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers is one of Australia’s most enduring and respected rock icons. Tim is the frontman singer and lyricist for the legendary Australian rock bands You Am I and The Temperance Union. 

You Don't Know Me

Did you know that Beyonce is an avid consumer of crime novels? That Johnny Depp loves playing with Barbie dolls (and collects pig skeletons)? And Liam Neeson is such a fly-fishing fan that he’s been on the show Fly Fishing the World five times?

In a series of short daytime talks, You Don’t Know Me uncovers the off-centre obsessions, surprising passions and all-consuming hobbies of high profile figures who are well known for something else entirely.


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