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You Don't Know Me

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at The Wheeler Centre

Ben Pobjie on Rugby League

The thing about New South Wales is rugby. It doesn’t matter that Ben Pobjie is a poet, a comedian, a TV columnist or a political satirist. It doesn’t matter that he’s written three books, or that he’s written scripts for the small screen or even that he harbours an abiding love of history. And it really doesn’t matter that he lives in Melbourne now, because he grew up in New South Wales, and it’s too late to extract the sport from his blood now.

Pobjie credits the foundation of his emotional development to the 1989 NRL Grand Final (which saw the Canberra Raiders snatch victory from Pobjie’s beloved Balmain Tigers in a dramatic overtime win). It was a game that many regard as the league’s greatest ever Grand Final. For Pobjie, it was his ‘first experience of true misery’, and a moment he credits with the cynical, pessimistic parts of his worldview.

In a short lunchtime talk at the Wheeler Centre, Pobjie will open up about his lifelong obsession. How else has the game influenced his sentiments, thoughts and pursuits? And why has the game exerted such an emotional hold over him?


Portrait of Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie is a writer, comedian and poet with no journalistic qualifications whatsoever. He has a weekly column at Australian news commentary site, and his writing has appeared in Crikey, The Age and The Punch, among others.

You Don't Know Me

Did you know that Beyonce is an avid consumer of crime novels? That Johnny Depp loves playing with Barbie dolls (and collects pig skeletons)? And Liam Neeson is such a fly-fishing fan that he’s been on the show Fly Fishing the World five times?

In a series of short daytime talks, You Don’t Know Me uncovers the off-centre obsessions, surprising passions and all-consuming hobbies of high profile figures who are well known for something else entirely.


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