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Andrew Macrae and Science Fiction

Why is contemporary fiction increasingly obsessed with post-apocalyptic scenarios? Is it a straight reflection of the bad news stories about our worsening environmental situation, or is something else at play? Can there be hope at the end of the world?

Andrew Macrae is the author of Trucksong, a dystopian science-fiction novel about lost love, flesh-eating cyborg trucks and the search for meaning in a post-apocalyptic Australia. He’ll explore current themes in dystopian speculative fiction … and explain why he finds it all surprisingly cheery.


Portrait of Andrew Macrae

Andrew Macrae

Andrew Macrae grew up in Toowoomba in regional Queensland, raised on the sound of prime movers grinding up and down the Great Dividing Range at night. He had a thing for the 1970s trucking movies that seemed to be on the black and white TV every Friday and Saturday night, and his first novel Trucksong grew out of these cultural memories, along with a healthy dose of Mad Max 2.

Midday Shot

We love exploring ideas here at the Wheeler Centre, and encouraging others to do the same. That’s why every second Thursday lunchtime, we hand the microphone over to thinkers, dreamers, writers and orators, so they can share the ideas that have been occupying them the most.

It’s a space to tunnel deep into a train of thought and emerge with surprising conclusions, recommendations for change, or simply a more evolved set of questions. The flexible format provides a platform for the eclectic, topical and enlightening: stories and opinions you won’t hear elsewhere.

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