You Don't Know Me

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at The Wheeler Centre

Andrew Cox on Health and Fitness

Through 28 years and over 1000 gigs together, Melbourne band The Fauves have consistently eschewed excess, expectation and rock’s most insistent clichés; if you need proof, there’s Vanessa Stuart’s fly-on-the-wall rockumentary (The Fauves: 15 Minutes to Rock) to convince you.

At the centre of the band’s sardonic, sometimes contrary sensibility is singing, guitar slinging frontman Andrew Cox, who just happens to be a passionate fan of exercise and healthy eating. Come along and hear Cox wax nutritional about turning his back on rock bacchanalia – and how fitness is sometimes the opposite of fitting in.


Portrait of Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox is in a band called the Fauves.

You Don't Know Me

Did you know that Beyonce is an avid consumer of crime novels? That Johnny Depp loves playing with Barbie dolls (and collects pig skeletons)? And Liam Neeson is such a fly-fishing fan that he’s been on the show Fly Fishing the World five times?

In a series of short daytime talks, You Don’t Know Me uncovers the off-centre obsessions, surprising passions and all-consuming hobbies of high profile figures who are well known for something else entirely.


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