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A Mind for Murder

Please note that this event has been postponed.

What makes somebody a killer – and why are we so fascinated by murder? Forensic psychiatrist Donald Grant has been grappling with both questions throughout his working life.

In Killer Instinct: Having a Mind for Murder, Grant brings his experience to bear on the psychological, criminal, cultural and existential phenomenon of murder. Does our interest signal anxiety about our own ability to kill … or to be killed? And does this interest – voyeuristic or sordid as it may sometimes seem – actually perform an important function?

Grant – who was Queensland’s first State Director of Forensic Psychiatry, and sat on the bench of the state’s Mental Health Court for five years – has some thoughts on that. Hear them as he joins Aimee Knight for a conversation about the murderous mind, and our cultural obsession with untimely deaths.

Hill of Content will be our bookseller at this event.


Portrait of Donald Grant

Donald Grant

Leading forensic psychiatrist Donald Grant was the first State Director of Forensic Psychiatry in Queensland, and sat on the bench of the state's unique Mental Health Court for five years. His life's work has been understanding the murderous mind.

Portrait of Aimee Knight

Aimee Knight

Aimee is a writer and critic based in Adelaide. She's the Small Screens Editor at the Big Issue, and her work appears in Kill Your Darlings, the Lifted Brow, Metro and more. She's writing her first full-length work, Making A Murderino, about Australian women and the true crime boom.


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