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Bernard Caleo

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100 Seconds ’til Midnight: Stopping the Clock

100 Seconds ’til Midnight is an interactive series of events responding to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ plea for world leaders to take action on climate change before it's too late. Led by storyteller Bernard Caleo, a team of experts has been called upon to respond to an imagined climate change crisis, ten years into the future. Putting their minds together, our experts are utilising STEAM skills to propose solutions and reverse the effects of climate change on a small coastal town.

Building on the proposals outlined in session one and the workshops conducted in Victorian secondary schools, this session brings our experts and teens back to the stage to present their findings. What decisions have they made? And what is the best way to implement them now, before this future becomes a reality? Can we work together to stop the clock?

Alongside two panel events, we’re running educational workshops. If you’re a teacher interested in having one of our experts run a STEAM workshop in your school, click here.

The first event in this series is also open to the public. Check out our experts introducing the scenario in the introductory event, 100 Seconds ’til Midnight: Countdown to Catastrophe.

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Portrait of Bernard Caleo

Bernard Caleo

Bernard Caleo is a comic book teacher, maker, and communicator. He was the editor and publisher of the romance comics anthology Tango, made the feature film Graphic Novels Melbourne with filmmaker Daniel Hayward and is part of the graphic novel publishing enterprise Twelve Panels Press.

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Wheeler Education

Being a teenager is all about change. Adolescence is when most of us form a sense of the world, try to find our place in it and (hopefully) have some fun along the way. Beyond what we learn at school, some of our most valuable learning happens when we discover the communities and ideas that connect us.

In the extraordinary times we live in, Wheeler Education is here to bring the world to teens – and teens to the world. We’ll explore the challenges facing young people right now, and the bold ways they’re envisioning their own futures. Hear from teens, writers, and educators about their passions, plans, survival tips and more.


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