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at The Wheeler Centre

1.4 Billion People in Poverty. Now That Everyone’s an Artist, and Everyone’s a Journalist - Who Will Tell Their Stories?

The Breakfast Club is a series of talks events, presented in partnership with the Next Wave Festival, and held at breakfast time: on weekdays at 8am, on weekends at 10am.

We’re interested in how the world and art collide. In a time of intense political confusion, it’s hard to articulate the changes so many want to see. Artistic practice, with its complex arsenal of the subconscious, is well placed to be a key player.

We’re not interested in expert-led formats; we want big opinions, good discussion and personal stories. And coffee (that’s important).

Each event runs for two hours, and will be punctuated by a series of provocations from artists, key thinkers and our international curators-in-residence.

Arrive at any point. Pull up a chair and a croissant. And dive on in.

We all know something about poverty – its hardship, misery and human toll. In a world where we are saturated with images of the poor and starving, how can we start to see poverty in a way that is meaningful, comprehensive and sensitive to the subject? Does art have a role to play here? With a video camera in every pocket we are increasingly savvy to the way we communicate difficult social issues. So who will rise to the challenge?

Hosted by Director, Format Festival/Renew Adelaide: Ianto Ware

Next Wave artists: Alison Currie and Kel Mocilnik (In pursuit of repetition), Tiffany Singh (Drums between the bells), Ben Kolaitis (Creo Nova)

International speaker: Andy Field (Forest Fringe)

Guest speakers: Hugo Lamb (Oaktree Foundation)

With Oaktree Foundation.

Breakfast Club

Kickstart your brain with a dose of stimulation courtesy of Next Wave. Breakfast Club is your morning shot of artistic and intellectual insight. We’re not interested in expert-led formats or a room full of people thinking the same things; we want big opinions, good discussion and personal stories.

Light breakfast by Yoghurt Culture and coffee from Small Batch by donation.

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