What is it to be wild? Cheryl Strayed and Meghan Daum

What is it to be wild? Cheryl Strayed and Meghan Daum

Cheryl Strayed is the author of Wild, a bestselling memoir following its author through the death of her mother, a heroin addiction, the dissolution of her marriage, and a now near-mythic 1800km coastal trek. Beyond Wild, Cheryl Strayed’s work (Tiny Beautiful Things, Brave Enough, and her Dear Sugar podcast/column for The Rumpus) deftly handles difficult and familiar subjects.

Strayed's insightful approach to struggle, relationships, etiquette and American myths and aspirations is well-matched to those of her interlocutor: author and essayist Meghan Daum. 

Over 80 minutes, Strayed and Daum explore the meaning of the term 'wild', the wildernesses we face in our lives, cities, relationships and minds, and what drives us to pursue inappropriate people, crave incomplete fulfilments and destroy what we love. Expect unflinching truths.


Portrait of Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed is the author of the number one New York Times bestselling memoir Wild, the bestselling advice essay collection Tiny Beautiful Things, the novel Torch and the quotes collection Brave Enough. Her books have been translated into 40 languages around the world.

Strayed's essays have been published in Best American Essays, the New York Times, the Washington Post MagazineVogueSalon, the Sun, Tin House and elsewhere. Strayed is the co-host, along with Steve Almond, of the WBUR podcast Dear Sugar Radio, which originated with her popular Dear Sugar advice column on The Rumpus

Portrait of Meghan Daum

Meghan Daum

Meghan Daum has been a columnist on the op-ed page of the Los Angeles Times since 2005. She is the author of four books, most recently The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion, a collection of original essays about sentimentality and manufactured emotion in American life.

She is also the editor of Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Choice Not to Have Children, featuring essays from celebrated writers including Lionel Shriver, Geoff Dyer, Pam Houston, Sigrid Nunez and Kate Christensen.

She has contributed to National Public Radio's Morning Edition and MarketplaceThis American Life, and has written for numerous publications including The New YorkerHarper'sGQElleVogueNew YorkTravel & LeisureBlackBookThe Village Voice, and the New York Times Book Review.

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