Two Sides of the Story: Written for the Telly

Two Sides of the Story: Written for the Telly

In Written for the Telly, two television writers — Adam Zwar (Lowdown, Wilfred) and Robyn Butler (The Librarians, Very Small Business) — discuss the commonalities and differences between their creative lives as lived out on the idiot box.

The pair cover topics such as inspiration, comedic partnerships and collaborations, the power of characters and settings and the screenwriter’s blessing and curse: notes.


Portrait of Robyn Butler

Robyn Butler

Robyn Butler is an actor, writer and producer, who did all three of those things in the television shows Stories from the Golf (SBS), The Librarians (ABC1) and Very Small Business (ABC1) through Gristmill, the production company she runs with Wayne Hope.

Portrait of Adam Zwar

Adam Zwar

Adam Zwar is a multi award-winning actor, writer and producer. He is best known for co-creating and starring in the Australian comedy series Lowdown (ABC, BBC4) and Wilfred (SBS), which was formatted in Russia and the US. More recently, Adam created the popular Agony series (ABC) – which is currently in its 5th season. Selected acting credits include Party Tricks, Rake, Howzat, as well as feature films The Wedding Party and Rats and Cats.

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