Two Sides of the Story: Fantasy

Two Sides of the Story: Fantasy

If you thought writing fiction was hard, try inventing whole worlds, languages and realities. Join Alison Goodman and Alison Croggon as they explore the challenges and delights of fantasy in the last event in this series for 2011.

The pair discuss their influences (including Tolkien and Star Wars), obsessing over structure and the false dichotomy of plot against character development. They lament the fight between self-doubt and a certain arrogance, as Goodman puts it; delight in the process of research and talk about the challenges of maintaining consistency and continuity across often long series.

They also touch on the moral parable of fantasy and the genre’s ability to facilitate philosophical and political reflection, their least likeable characters and, when asked by the audience, how to enlarge shorter pieces into novel-size works and their opinions on gender roles in fantasy.


Portrait of Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon is an award-winning novelist, poet, theatre writer, critic and editor who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She works in many genres and her books and poems have been published to acclaim nationally and internationally.

She is arts editor for The Saturday Paper and co-founder of the performance criticism website Witness. Her most recent book is the creative non-fiction Monsters, out in March 2021, from Scribe Publications.

Portrait of Alison Goodman

Alison Goodman

Alison Goodman is the author of Eon and Eona, a New York Times-bestselling fantasy duology which has sold into 17 countries and been translated into ten languages.

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