Tribute to Peter Porter

Tribute to Peter Porter

Peter Porter, one of Australia’s finest writers, died earlier this year at the age of 81. To commemorate his life and remember his work, the Wheeler Centre and the Australian Poetry Centre paid tribute to the Brisbane-born poet and critic.

Featuring reminiscences from Peter Rose and Gig Ryan, as well as readings by Genevieve Picot, Craig Sherborne and Chris Wallace-Crabbe.


Portrait of Morag Fraser

Morag Fraser

Morag Fraser is a writer, newspaper columnist, and one of Australia’s most experienced literary commentators. From 1991–2003 she was the editor of Eureka Street magazine, and from 2003-2009 adjunct professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University.

Portrait of Peter Rose

Peter Rose

Peter Rose is the author of the award-winning family memoir Rose Boys (2001), which is now available as a Text Classic.

Portrait of Craig Sherborne

Craig Sherborne

Craig Sherborne is an acclaimed memoirist, novelist, poet and playwright, best known for Hoi Polloi, Muck and The Amateur Science of Love.


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