The Writer’s Banquet: Meals on Wheels

The Writer's Banquet: Meals on Wheels

Ramona Koval is joined by chefs Frank Camorra, Elizabeth Chong and Stephanie Alexander for the culinary journey of a lifetime. From Camorra’s Barcelona to Chong’s Hong Kong and Alexander’s beloved Dordogne, hear about the chefs' adventures in kitchens (and market gardens) beyond our shores — from first encounters to table manners, crazed restaurateurs to food tours.


Portrait of Elizabeth Chong

Elizabeth Chong

Elizabeth Chong is a chef, teacher, author and presenter. Since she opened her first cooking school in 1961 she has introduced her family’s Chinese recipes to the Australian public.

Portrait of Ramona Koval

Ramona Koval

Ramona Koval is a writer, journalist, broadcaster and editor.  She is an Honorary Fellow at the centre for Advancing Journalism, University of Melbourne.

Portrait of Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander AO is regarded as one of Australia's great food educators. Her reputation has been earned through her thirty years as an owner-chef in several restaurants, as the author of 14 influential books and hundreds of articles about food matters, and for her groundbreaking work in creating the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

In 2014 Stephanie became an Officer of the Order of Australia in recognition of her work with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. Her strong belief is that the earlier children learn about food through example and pleasurable hands-on experience, the better their food choices will be throughout life. Her new book, The Cook’s Table, is released October 2016.

Portrait of Frank Camorra

Frank Camorra

Frank Camorra is an award-winning chef of Catalan origin who operates the MoVida restaurants and has appeared on television.

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