The World Until Yesterday: Jared Diamond (excerpt)

The World Until Yesterday: Jared Diamond (excerpt)

In his new book The World Until Yesterday, bestselling anthropologist Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs and Steel) draws on his 50 years spent in Papua New Guinea to share lessons learned from the few tribal societies left in the world – from parenting to conflict resolution, and diet to danger assessment.

In this excerpt of his talk, he discusses some of the ways tribal societies can inform the way we choose to live – particularly, with regard to how we treat our elders.


Portrait of Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond is the award-winning author of international bestsellers Collapse, Guns, Germs and Steel, The Third Chimpanzee, Why is Sex Fun? and 2013’s The World until Yesterday. He is an avid birdwatcher and learner of languages, as well as a Professor of Geography and of Environmental Health Sciences at UCLA.

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