The Wheeler Centre Gala 2019: Crush: Ella Hooper

The Wheeler Centre Gala 2019: Crush: Ella Hooper

'The Rosetta Stone in my pre-teen "squee" collection? TMNT.'

Ella Hooper recalls her crush on a certain turtle.

For our 2019 Gala Night of Storytelling, we invited some of our favourite writers and thinkers to dish about their fictional crush. It may have been a character of page, stage, screen or stereo – or some life-changing, out-of-reach hero of the real world.


Portrait of Ella Hooper

Ella Hooper

Ella Hooper made her entrance onto the Aus music landscape as the technicolour teenage frontwoman of her high school band, Killing Heidi. She traversed the highs and lows of pop rock, wrote some hits, became an unlikely teen icon, spent a fair bit of time overseas and generally lived out her youthful dreams. Eventually she dismantled the band, craving time away from pop rock, and made a country album off the back of which she toured in support of Fleetwood Mac. A fateful conversation with Grand High Witch Stevie Nicks herself being the catalyst for Ella’s full transition into ‘independent solo diva mode’. 

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