The Wheeler Centre Gala 2018: Words on Fire: Rachael Maza

Words on Fire: Rachael Maza

For the 2018 Wheeler Centre Gala Night of Storytelling, we invited our speakers to probe a blazing, hot topic: the power of the written word and the loaded tenets of speech.  

When do words inspire and when do they incite? When is speech free, and when is it hateful? Fighting words, funny words, insulting words and incendiary words – for better or for worse, language moves us and it matters.

Here, actress and director Rachael Maza reflects on how history is written and rewritten. 'History is not the past. It is the stories we tell about the past.'


Portrait of Rachael Maza

Rachael Maza

Rachael Maza is one of Australia’s most recognisable faces of the Australian film, television and theatre industry with performance credits including the Australian Film Institute (AFI) award-winning Radiance and the stage production of The Sapphires.