The Wheeler Centre Gala 2018: Words on Fire: Moira Finucane

Words on Fire: Moira Finucane

For the 2018 Wheeler Centre Gala Night of Storytelling, we invited our speakers to probe a blazing, hot topic: the power of the written word and the loaded tenets of speech.

When do words inspire and when do they incite? When is speech free, and when is it hateful? Fighting words, funny words, insulting words and incendiary words – for better or for worse, language moves us and it matters.

To close the night, Moira Finucane blends poetry and performance: ‘We’ll go together into the darkness. Holding hands, calling out … and trending, trending, trending towards the good.’


Portrait of Moira Finucane

Moira Finucane

Moira Finucane is a writer, director, performer and creator of volcanic and magic realist worlds … legendary salons, literary variety and intimate theatrical spectacles, internationally renowned for her arresting mix of provocation and entertainment.