The Talking Point: Egypt and Beyond

The Talking Point: Egypt and Beyond

In the first of our Talking Point events on the news of the day, our panel - hosted by Hamish McDonald, and comprising Dr Sally Totman, Dr Larry Stillman and Professor Fethi Mansouri - discuss the political upheaval in Egypt and what its implications will be for Egypt, North Africa and the world.

Our experts consider the reaction of Egypt’s regional neighbours, many of whom have taken to the streets against their own leaders, as well as the West.

Has the global community reacted appropriately, or merely moved to shore up its own interests? What role did social networking tools play in the Egyptian revolution, and what are the limits of the empowerment they facilitate? And what are the differences between democratic processes and democratic outcomes?


Portrait of Sally Totman

Sally Totman

Sally is Senior Lecturer in Middle East Studies and the Convener of the Middle East Studies program at Deakin. In addition, Sally is the Chair of the Faculty of Arts & Education Academic Progress and Discipline Committee and co-founder of the Australia Middle East Research Forum (AMERF).

Portrait of Hamish Macdonald

Hamish Macdonald

Hamish Macdonald is Senior Foreign Correspondent on the Ten Network’s 6pm with George Negus. He shares hosting duties with Hugh Riminton in George’s absence.

Portrait of Larry Stillman

Larry Stillman

Larry Stillman has a PhD from Monash University in the sociology of technology. He is a member of the Executive of the Australian Jewish Democratic Society, an organization which has long advocated a two state solution. He has studied Arabic and Hebrew.

Portrait of Fethi Mansouri

Fethi Mansouri

Professor Fethi Mansouri, Director of the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation, holds a Chair in Migration and Intercultural Relations, School of International and Political Studies, Deakin University.

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