The Larrikin Priest: Father Bob Maguire

The Larrikin Priest: Father Bob Maguire

Passionate and creative, humorous and compassionate, Father Bob has made a significant mark. Sue Williams has written the biography of this controversial figure and national treasure in Father Bob: The Larrikin Priest. Together, they tell his extraordinary story.

When Father Bob Maguire was forced to retire from his South Melbourne parish, the community – and wider Melbourne – was devastated and outraged. Father Bob is an iconoclast, known for his radio and television partnerships with John Safran as well as his lifelong work with the homeless, sick, criminal and addicted – work he continues now through the Father Bob Maguire Foundation.


Portrait of Sue Williams

Sue Williams

Sue Williams is the author of Father Bob: The Larrikin Priest, a biography of Melbourne icon and national treasure Father Bob Maguire. An award-winning journalist, Sue was born in England, and worked in print and television in the UK and New Zealand.

Portrait of Father Bob Maguire

Father Bob Maguire

Father Bob was one of Australia’s best-loved parish priests; he appears Sunday nights on Triple J.

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