The Ethics of Climate Change - Peter Singer

The Ethics of Climate Change - Peter Singer

Author of The Life You Can Save, Peter Singer discusses how individuals can make a collective change that will support our environment.


Portrait of Tim Soutphommasane

Tim Soutphommasane

Tim Soutphommasane is a political theorist, commentator and author of Reclaiming Patriotism: Nation-Building for Australian Progressives. In 2013, he was appointed Australia's Race Discrimination Commissioner.

Portrait of Kartikeya Sarabhai

Kartikeya Sarabhai

Keynote Speaker: Kartikeya Sarabhai is the Founding Director of the Centre for Environment Education, India.

Portrait of Peter Singer

Peter Singer

Peter Singer is a philosopher and author of over 25 books on ethics. He is best known for Animal Liberation, widely credited with starting the animal rights movement.

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