The Death of the Newspaper: Who’s to Blame?

The Death of the Newspaper: Who's to Blame?

Anna Krien, author of In the Woods, audits the deathbed health of our newspapers, lobbying for a diagnosis that doesn’t shy away from tough love.

Krien critiques assumptions about the veracity and depth of news journalism, drawing from her early experiences in the newsroom, and challenges the suggestion that readers' short attention spans are to blame. She also articulates her concern about the way news organisations are deemed objective and impartial observers, citing examples where their very presence has proven otherwise.


Portrait of Anna Krien

Anna Krien

Anna Krien is the author of Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport, published by Black Inc. Anna’s first book, Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania’s Forests, won the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction and the Victorian Premier’s People’s Choice Award.

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