The Big Grapple: Sarah Krasnostein

The Big Grapple: Sarah Krasnostein

'I was 18 and New York City was my mother. It taught me what one wore, and what one read. How to speak, and how to speak up. How to find silence in all that noise.'

Sarah Krasnostein reflects on how the 9th of November 2016 changed her relationship with New York and America, at The Big Grapple: Loving and Loathing New York City – a night of storytelling from Melburnians who don't heart NY.

The Big Grapple was part of MEL&NYC – a city-wide cultural festival celebrating all things New York and Melbourne – and featured nine stories about fantasy, failure and false starts. Watch the rest of the series to hear horror stories of gridlocked traffic, closet-sized apartments and dumpster-flavoured coffee.


Portrait of Sarah Krasnostein

Sarah Krasnostein

‘The opposite of trauma is not the absence of trauma.The opposite of trauma is order, proportion. It is everything in its place.’

Sarah Krasnostein is a writer and a lawyer with a doctorate in criminal law. She is the bestselling, multi-award winning author of The Trauma Cleaner, which won the Victorian Prize for Literature in 2018. Her most recent work can be found in the Monthly and the Saturday Paper. She has written for a variety of publications in Australia, America and the UK, as well as various academic journals.