The Big Grapple: Beverley Wang

The Big Grapple: Beverley Wang

'A lot of New York is filled with beige out-of-towners trying to do all the things they think real New Yorkers do, and the real New Yorkers are only too happy to sell it to them.'

Beverley Wang dives into the early 2000s and the terrible food trends launched by Sex and the City, at The Big Grapple: Loving and Loathing New York City – a night of storytelling from Melburnians who don't heart NY.

The Big Grapple was part of MEL&NYC – a city-wide cultural festival celebrating all things New York and Melbourne – and featured nine stories about fantasy, failure and false starts. Watch the rest of the series to hear horror stories of gridlocked traffic, closet-sized apartments and dumpster-flavoured coffee.


Portrait of Beverley Wang

Beverley Wang

Beverley Wang is a journalist, broadcaster and creator of the ABC podcast It’s Not A Race, which has been hailed as a ground-breaking series opening up conversations on race in Australia. She is also the producer and co-host of Stop Everything! on ABC RN, focusing on the politics of pop culture.