Texts in the City: Richard III

Texts in the City: Richard III

William Shakespeare’s classic play Richard III features in this session of Texts in the City, hosted by Tony Wilson in conversation with Judith Rodriguez and Michael Williams.

They discuss the text’s central ideas of fate and free will, and examine Richard’s role as anti-hero.


Judith Rodriguez

Judith Rodriguez has had ten books of poetry published – the chapbook Manatee (Picaro Press) is the most recent – and has won several national prizes.

Portrait of Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is an author of twelve books, as well as writing columns and features for the Age, Good Weekend and The Monthly. He was part of the Breakfasters on Triple R for six years, and is still a regular visitor to both Triple R and 774 ABC Melbourne.

Portrait of Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is the Director of the Wheeler Centre.

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