Texts in the City: On the Waterfront

Texts in the City: On the Waterfront

No matter how compelling a novel or a film might be, if you have to study it, there’s always the risk you’ll end up hating it. Not any more! A gift to VCE students, their teachers (and of course life-long learners) Texts in the City is a weekly exploration of the classic texts – both old and new – that appear on the VCE English reading lists.

In this instalment, film critic Thomas Caldwell joins Ruby Murray to discuss Elia Kazan’s film On the Waterfront.

We also discussed this film in 2011’s Texts in the City series, with Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton. Watch the video here.


Portrait of Thomas Caldwell

Thomas Caldwell

Thomas Caldwell is a freelance writer, broadcaster and public speaker who specializes in film criticism and educational writing on film.

Portrait of Ruby Murray

Ruby Murray

Ruby J Murray is a writer and researcher whose work appears regularly in Australian magazines, journals and newspapers. Her first novel, Running Dogs, is out now through Scribe.

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