Texts in the City: Growing Up Asian in Australia

Texts in the City: Growing Up Asian in Australia

For our brand new season of Texts in the City, we’ve asked schools to nominate which texts on the curriculum they’d most like to see discussed. By presenting speakers who are intimately familiar with each chosen work, as a writer, reviewer, publisher or performer, we’ll offer new perspectives on these classic books, creating the chance to take the obligation out of – and put the joy back into – reading for the VCE. This week, we look at Growing Up Asian in Australia by Alice Pung with Andrew McDonald and guest Benjamin Law, who contributed to the anthology.


Portrait of Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald is an author of books for children and young adults.

Portrait of Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law is the author of two books, The Family Law and Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East. He is co-author of the comedy book Shit Asian Mothers Say with his sister Michelle. Benjamin is a frequent contributor to Good Weekendfrankie and The Monthly, and has written for more than 50 publications in Australia and worldwide. He’s just finished adapting The Family Law for SBS and Matchbox Pictures, which will screen in 2016.

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