Simon Groth on ‘L'Odeur des Livres’ and Other Whiffy Arguments

Simon Groth on 'L'Odeur des Livres' and Other Whiffy Arguments

Ever found yourself sticking your nose deep into the spine of a loved book? Ever extolled the virtues of books by referring to that odour? Simon Groth explores the irrational fear inside everyone who has ever felt the need to leap to the unnecessary defence of printed paper.

‘The smell of paper aging, disintegrating — it’s the smell of knowledge disappearing.’

Presented in partnership with the Emerging Writers' Festival.


Portrait of Simon Groth

Simon Groth

Simon Groth’s stories can go anywhere, from tangled relationships and virtual writers to rock music and sleep disorders. His first two novels were shortlisted in the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards and his short fiction has been published in Australia and the US.

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