Salley Vickers

Salley Vickers

Novelist Salley Vickers opens her talk on death with a reading from Miss Garnet’s Angel, which her publishers wanted her to remove for its morbidity. Fortunately she kept the passage and Vickers has become known for her insights into mortality. As a former psychotherapist Vickers has seen many patients dealing with loss and grief, which she discusses here both in terms of her novels and her own life.

As part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, this panel was the first of our Matter of Life and Death sessions.


Portrait of Salley Vickers

Salley Vickers

Salley Vickers’ debut novel, Miss Garnet’s Angel was an international bestseller. Her fifth and latest novel is the acclaimed Dancing Backwards (2009) and her first collection of short stories, Aphrodite’s Hat will be published in December 2010.

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