Robert Dessaix: As I Was Saying

Robert Dessaix: As I Was Saying

Robert Dessaix has long been one of Australia’s foremost essayists. Also a compelling public speaker, Dessaix brings his trademark eloquence to this leisurely guided tour of his chamber of curiosities. In conversation with Crusader Hillis, he discusses Montaigne, repetition, the art of conversation and the crucial difference between idleness and indolence; and confesses that he has no wish to convince people of anything.


Portrait of Robert Dessaix

Robert Dessaix

Robert Dessaix is a writer, translator, broadcaster and occasional essayist.

Portrait of Crusader Hillis

Crusader Hillis

Crusader Hillis is a writer, editor, curator and producer. He co-founded (with Rowland Thomson) the queer bookshop Hares & Hyenas in 1991.

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