Red Rock and Roll

Red Rock and Roll

The revolutionary potential of rock and roll has long been a worn-out cliché in the West, where the Rolling Stones do commercials and rappers hang with royalty. But in contemporary China, rock (or yaogun) really is changing the country – and the culture. Speaking to Mikey Cahill, musician and promoter Jon Campbell, a ten-year veteran of the Beijing scene, tells how rock has risen in concert with the world’s newest superpower. Sharing tips for bands to watch and expounding on the country’s regional preferences of genre, he predicts a productive future for Chinese contemporary music in the Western hemisphere.


Portrait of Mikey Cahill

Mikey Cahill

Mikey Cahill writes the Rock City column for News Ltd.

Portrait of Jon Campbell

Jon Campbell

Jonathan Campbell lived in Beijing from 2000–2010, spending much of that time in the local rock scene as drummer, chronicler, booster, agent and more. Red Rock: The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll is his first book.

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