Reading the City: Historians on Melbourne

Reading the City: Historians on Melbourne

Who better than historians to uncover the true identity of the city?

SBS-TV’s Sam Pang chair’s this backward-looking dig into Melbourne’s past with panel members Robyn Annear, Peter McPhee, Jane Rhodes and LM Robinson.


Portrait of Sam Pang

Sam Pang

Sam Pang is a writer, presenter and broadcaster. His television credits include the hugely popular Santo, Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever and SBS’s coverage of The Eurovision Song Contest.

Portrait of Robyn Annear

Robyn Annear

Best known for her books Bearbrass: Imagining Early Melbourne and A City Lost and Found: Whelan the Wrecker’s Melbourne, Robyn Annear is also the author of an unpublishable novel set in the city in 1893.

Portrait of Peter McPhee

Peter McPhee

Peter McPhee is a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne, specialising in the social history of France since 1780.

Portrait of Jane Rhodes

Jane Rhodes

Jane Rhodes works as the Assistant Exhibitions Coordinator for the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Portrait of LM Robinson

LM Robinson

LM Robinson has worked as a tutor, university lecturer, freelance writer and teacher.

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