Reading on Vocation: Nuns

Reading on Vocation: Nuns

In this session, Sisters Maryanne Confoy, Janette Gray and Mary Coloe join presenter Sarah L'Estrange to talk about how their reading habits have influenced their careers and enhanced their lives.

They discuss the way books' inquiries into human relationships have affected their approach to spirituality, introduced them to feminism and given them new ways to approach teaching their students - with reading strategies gleaned from the world of fiction.


Janette Gray

Janette Gray is a Sister of Mercy and is a member of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy Australia National Formation Council.

Portrait of Mary Coloe

Mary Coloe

Mary Coloe is a Sister of the Australian Presentation Society and is Associate Professor in Theology at the Australian Catholic University.

Portrait of Maryanne Confoy

Maryanne Confoy

Maryanne Confoy is a Sister of Charity.

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