Questions for the Nation: Newcastle

Questions for the Nation: Newcastle

What are the most important questions facing Australians – today and in the future?

The Wheeler Centre has been roaming Australia, collecting the nation’s most urgent questions and thrashing them out with some of the sharpest thinkers we know. We’ve held panel discussions at Brisbane Writers Festival, Perth’s Disrupted Festival of Ideas, Darwin Festival and National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle.

At each, we've asked: what are the faultlines and tensions in Australian society, and where do we turn for fresh ideas for the future? Who do we want to be, and how are we going to get there?

In partnership with the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne, this discussion peers at the present and future of the nation. Join podcast producer Eliza Berlage, journalist Casey Briggs, arts editor Zana Kobayashi and writer and critic Alexandra Neill for their take on the most important question facing Australia today.

Presented in partnership with National Young Writers’ Festival.


Portrait of Zana Kobayashi

Zana Kobayashi

Zana Kobayashi is a freelance creative manager in Newcastle. Her work encompasses event production, marketing and project management. From local grassroots organisations through to the state government level, Zana works with local institutions to produce and curate cultural content in the city.

Portrait of Casey Briggs

Casey Briggs

Casey Briggs is a journalist with ABC News, covering far north Queensland for television, radio and online. He was an editor of the University of Adelaide’s student paper On Dit and the training coordinator at community station Radio Adelaide. He has a Master degree in mathematics that he doesn’t use nearly enough, and a Twitter account he uses probably too much.

Portrait of Eliza Berlage

Eliza Berlage

Eliza Berlage is a research assistant and podcast producer for Michelle Grattan at the Conversation. She has worked for the Walkley Foundation, 2SER and 2GB. She thinks a lot about writing her own things, but mostly gets distracted by dogs.

Portrait of Alexandra Neill

Alexandra Neill

Alexandra Neill is a writer and critic. Her work has been published in various places including Kill Your Darlings, The Lifted Brow and Junkee. She is also a producer for Heywire – a platform for young regional Australians to share their stories with the ABC. She blogs at alexandraneill.

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