Quarterly Essay - The Big Whinge: Laura Tingle

Quarterly Essay - The Big Whinge: Laura Tingle

Leading political journalist Laura Tingle argues that something deep in our culture now amplifies antagonism and complaint. She’s joined in discussion by veteran ABC political correspondent Fran Kelly.

Australia seems gripped by a fever of disenchantment. We’ve escaped from the world financial crisis with barely a scrape, yet we rail at the prime minister, whinge about minority government and react to the mining and carbon taxes as if confronted by the plague.

When we were prosperous in times past, we did things like form a federation. What has changed? What would a different politics look like? And, Tingle asks, can a leader surf the wave of anger all the way to power?


Portrait of Fran Kelly

Fran Kelly

Fran Kelly, the presenter of ABC’s Radio National Breakfast programme, is one of Australia’s leading political interviewers and commentators.

Portrait of Laura Tingle

Laura Tingle

Laura Tingle is the author of Quarterly Essay 46, The Big Whinge: Politics, Affluence and an Angry Nation and the political editor of the Australian Financial Review. Her next Quarterly Essay is due for release November 2016.

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