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  ∙  00:02:43
Signal Boost: For new voices and new ideas in Australian podcasting
  ∙  01:14:49
Fire Front: First Nations Poetry and Power Today
  ∙  00:58:43
Max Porter: Lanny
  ∙  01:16:29
Words for Now: Poetry as Processing
  ∙  01:10:46
Rebecca Traister: Good and Mad
  ∙  01:06:49
2019 Emerging Writers’ Festival Programme Launch: The Awkward Stage
  ∙  01:00:21
Meg Wolitzer: The Female Persuasion
  ∙  00:43:11
A Walk in the Park: Jessica Friedmann with Fiona Wright
  ∙  01:01:15
Andrew Sean Greer: The Less We Know
  ∙  00:42:46
A Walk in the Park: Lisa Dempster with Leah Kaminsky
  ∙  00:46:24
A Walk in the Park: Damon Young with Ruth Quibell
  ∙  00:41:55
The Invisible Crime
  ∙  00:42:26
How on Earth: Christiana Figueres and Ross Garnaut on Climate Solutions Now
  ∙  00:40:20
SAIGON: Between Life and History
  ∙  01:00:07
Alexander Chee: How To Write An Autobiographical Novel
  ∙  00:58:26
Kamila Shamsie: Home Fire
  ∙  00:59:18
National Agitators: Confronting Australian Theatre
  ∙  00:58:56
Double Booked Club: Tony Birch and Tara June Winch
  ∙  00:58:35
Right Time: Why We Need an Australian Charter of Human Rights
  ∙  00:56:59
Pass it On: Preserving Australian Indigenous Languages
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