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Words & music: Katie Noonan and Michael Leunig

Listen to Words & music: Katie Noonan and Michael Leunig

All of our lives have soundtracks. We cherish certain songs that have meant something to us in our lives, lyrics that have helped us through tough times and inspired us to do better, or think differently. Similarly, everyone has a shortlist of seminal books, or short stories, or poems that have made a difference to them – pieces of writing that have formed who they are.

Who do our favourite writers listen to? What do the musicians we admire love to read? In the first of a brand new ongoing series, legendary cartoonist and cultural treasure Michael Leunig, and much-loved singer songwriter Katie Noonan discuss their inspirations.

Michael will highlight two pieces of music that have inspired his writing and illustrations, while Katie tells us about two pieces of writing that have helped shape her musical direction. We eavesdrop on their exchange of treasures, and the conversation that ensues.

Special musical exchange included. Hosted by Genevieve Lacey, at The Substation in Newport.

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