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Wheeler Kids: Andy Griffiths

Listen to Wheeler Kids: Andy Griffiths

If you’re an Australian kid of a certain age (or a parent of one), you’ll already know who Andy Griffiths is. He’s a master of comic novels, silly scenarios and kooky characters – and a man who’s more than fulfilled his mission to make reading fun for even the most reluctant of readers.

He stopped in to Deakin Edge to talk about the latest in his mega-bestselling Treehouse series, created with longtime partner in entertainment, illustrator Terry Denton. The ever-expanding treehouse has gained a watermelon-smashing level, a life-size snakes and ladders game (with real ladders and real snakes) and more – and there’s a BIG mystery to solve.

Be entertained and get eager to read with this consummate storyteller – and Australian icon.

For children aged 6 – 12 years. Introduction by Lachlann Carter of 100 Story Building.

Wheeler Kids

Immersion in literacy is one of the most important factors in determining the outcome of a child’s future – and nurturing a love of books and reading is part of that. Also, kids plus books and writing equals fun. We’re delighted to be presenting a new series of events for the younger reader in your life: Wheeler Kids. Roll up and enjoy!

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