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Treading the Boards: Creative Writing for Beginners

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Join the cream of Australia’s theatre crop for this very special event to celebrate the publication of Colin Batrouney’s second novel, Creative Writing for Beginners.

Actor Geoffrey Rush, director Neil Armfield and comedian Denise Scott have known Colin Batrouney since his early days of treading the boards as an actor – and their careers have all transformed and flourished in fascinating ways since.

Creative Writing for Beginners tells the twinned stories of an aspiring writer and his flatmate, Nomee, a budding actress who has just landed a career-changing leading role in Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece The Seagull.

The lures and limitations of fame, the tyrannical pull of audience expectations and the perilous crafts of writing and acting are at the core of both Colin’s novel and Chekhov’s classic play.

These timeless themes are well known to anyone who pursues a creative career – and especially to our panelists. Join us for a timely discussion on the transformative power of the arts, how actors embody and enliven their characters night after night in front of a live audience, and what influences these acclaimed writers, performers and directors.

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