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Tin Cans

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Photo of Jess Ong and Olivia Rosenman

Tin Cans: Jess Ong and Olivia Rosenman

How do you get to know a stranger? Like a thumbprint, your voice is uniquely yours – so why not start there? A collaborative, sound-based call and response, Tin Cans is an exchange between a pair of audio producers – Jess Ong and Olivia Rosenman.

From Darwin to Sydney and back again, listen as they get to know each other, one question at a time.

Presented by Digital Writers' Festival 2017, in partnership with the Wheeler Centre.


Portrait of Jess Ong

Jess Ong

Having left her hometown of Darwin as soon as she finished school, Jess Ong studied and worked in Brisbane before moving to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She begrudgingly returned to Darwin four years ago, but now relishes it. Jess is the creative producer of SPUN, a live storytelling night in Darwin, and host of its podcast. She also works as a communications manager in the private sector and moonlights in the world of freelance.

Portrait of Olivia Rosenman

Olivia Rosenman

Olivia Rosenman is a journalist, broadcaster and teller of stories with experience in media and communications in Australia and China. She is the executive producer of Fourth Estate, a weekly radio show on 2SER in Sydney, and part of the Audiocraft Agency. She previously worked as a reporter for the South China Morning Post and Storyful in Hong Kong. She was a founding member of Hong Kong Stories, where she ran workshops and produced monthly storytelling nights. As an AusAID Youth Ambassador, she ran the communications department of a disability services organisation in Nanning, China.

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