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The Wheeler Centre Gala 2018: Words on Fire: Leah Purcell

Listen to The Wheeler Centre Gala 2018: Words on Fire: Leah Purcell

For the 2018 Wheeler Centre Gala Night of Storytelling, we invited our speakers to probe a blazing, hot topic: the power of the written word and the loaded tenets of speech.  

When do words inspire and when do they incite? When is speech free, and when is it hateful? Fighting words, funny words, insulting words and incendiary words – for better or for worse, language moves us and it matters.

In this episode, actor, director and writer Leah Purcell tells us about eight words and slogans that 'lit my fire, fired me up and almost smothered it out'. 

A woman dressed in black, with curly blonde hair, strikes a pose behind a black lectern. An Auslan interpreter stands beside her

Leah Purcell, on stage at the Athenaeum Theatre — Photo: Jon Tjhia


Portrait of Leah Purcell

Leah Purcell

Leah Purcell is an internationally acclaimed director, writer and actor.

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