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The Stella Prize in Conversation

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Photo of Clare Wright and Alexis Wright

Clare Wright and Alexis Wright — Photo: Jon Tjhia

In this talk, we hear from freshly-announced 2018 Stella Prize winner Alexis Wright in conversation with past winners Emily Bitto and Clare Wright, and host Toni Jordan. They talk about the impact the award has had on their writing, their careers and Australian literary culture.

In recent months, the stories of women – and with them, impediments to women’s media participation – have taken a pointed and particular prominence in mainstream culture, underpinning sustained social and political movements. One of many takeaways from those movements has been a widespread emphasis on how women might experience, and process, the world we all share.

Photo of Toni Jordan and Emily Bitto

Toni Jordan and Emily Bitto — Photo: Jon Tjhia

Now in its sixth year, the Stella Prize was founded to do just that – and to elevate the writing of Australian women with an annual, $50,000 literary prize. Spanning both fiction and non-fiction, the prize also runs year-round programmes encouraging recognition of Australian women’s writing. Its shortlist is a deserving fixture on any discerning reader’s calendar.

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