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The Long Game: Women in Sport Today

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Photograph of the panellists at the event

Nicole Hayes, Ellen van Neerven, Tegan Higginbotham and Kate Doak speaking at The Long Game: Women in Sport Today

How are ideas, and our expectations, around gender and sport evolving? And how does sport inform our sense of self? Who gets to play, and who gets to win, in the field of sports?

In an outstanding new essay collection, Balancing Acts: Women in Sport, a dream-team of Australia’s finest writers, including Ellen van Neerven, Tegan Higginbotham, Nicole Hayes and Kate Doak, wrestle with these questions and more. The essays explore the ways women and non-binary people negotiate a traditionally male-dominated space, with topics ranging from sexualisation in surf culture to marginalisation in boxing, and the vast power imbalance between athletes and coaches.

At the Wheeler Centre, these contributors discuss shifting perspectives and shifting goal-posts in gender and sport.

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